So earlier today I had the first leg of a crazy, eventful yet fun day – I had to travel to London to have an interview on @sohoradio with Nina Davis… 

It was a real blast. Had great fun being on the airwaves talking about Camden fringe both last year and this year. 

You can listen again here 


On after me was Meg and Harriet from the play Virago which opens the week after Homeless Comforts. 

Enjoy and imagine the craziness I had traveling to and fro. 

Gracing the airwaves 

Tomorrow morning as part of my day in homage to #ChallengeAnneka I shall be boarding the train to London and heading to the studios of @sohoradio at Great Windmill Street to take part in the show, http://www.whatsoffstage.co.uk

Tune in by clicking the above link and hear my 3 song choices while I talk all things @Homelesscomfor1 amongst whatever other craziness might come up. 

After the show wraps, I’ll be heading for the first train back to home to have a 4 hour rehearsal for aforementioned play, which incidentally opens on Monday August 7th at 8.30pm, at the lovely intimate theatre that is the Etcetera in bustling Camden. 

Hope you all tune in (or some at least) and I hopefully don’t make (too much of) a fool of myself. 

Ticket information can be found at http://www.etceteratheatre.com or http://www.camdenfringe.com 

Just search for #HomelessComforts and we’ll look forward to entertaining you next week. 

….if only I had Anneka’s chopper. 

6 days….

….and counting, until Homeless Comforts hits the stage. 

Gearing up for the last few days of rehearsals, the excitement, the nervousness… The nervous excitement. It all begins to kick in from this moment. 

The pride in having a new play, something to challenge an audience, to leave them thinking while watching and after on their way home has and always will be the force which drives me. 

The added bonus of such an intimate setting as the #EtceteraTheatre only works as an added bonus.

Anyone watching will almost feel like they are catch up on the action, going through Martin and Alana’s lives as they play out before them. 

Opening night, Monday 7th August, 8.30pm at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden – see ya there!! 

Fundraising through football…. 

I spoke of others making a difference to help the homeless, I’m taking a leaf out of my own book and taking part in a football match this August to raise money for ONE BIG FAMILY –  http://www.helpingthehomeless.org.uk/

Sunday 13th August at Maidstone Uniteds Gallagher Stadium, there’s a fun day for families with many activities going on, and the main event – a team of fundraisers like myself will play against a team made up of former players and celebrities – Arsenal’s charity side. 

Please help me raise as much as possible for this great cause -https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/paulbass1 

even if people donated £2 each it’d soon mount up. 

Looking forward to getting a pair of boots on again and netting a few goals. 

Making a difference

Being only 11 or so days away from the opening of Homeless Comforts, I’ve been thinking. 

Obviously my main aim as a writer is to produce a piece of work that will not only entertain, but provoke thought and feeling for the situation and lives that homeless people go through on our nations streets.

But I want to do more than that. 

I want to help make a difference. I’ve no magic wand that can eradicate the rising numbers of rough sleepers, if I had access to one I’d have waved it many many years ago. 

But I want the public, my audiences to play their part too. 

That’s why I’m asking for them to help make a difference too. There’s a simple way they can do this. We all have items of clothing that probably gathers dust in our chest of drawers, wardrobes or lofts. 

Bring along anything, however insignificant it may seem… A pair of socks, the jumper that was a present from auntie Doreen at Christmas, a pair of trousers you want to get back into but for whatever reason will probably never see the light of day. 

Bag these items up, come and watch Homeless Comforts at the Etcetera Theatre, August 7-9 at 8.30pm – we’ll have a box or collection point for these items and after the performances so we can hand them out to the homeless of Camden and the surrounding areas. 

Failing that, have a rummage around and take any items to your local homeless charity… Unfortunately there’s a need for many of these wonderful people who volunteer their time and effort to make a difference. 

Let’s make the world care a little bit more again, and help to make a difference. 

Small world

This world we live in is remarkably small. 

I’m the kind of guy who always bumps into people I know, or they know someone I know etc…

I don’t just mean down the road when buying a loaf of bread in the local shop but in situations you couldn’t make up. 

Like when I bumped into #HairyVince @vincemaple when I was at a #FinnBrothers concert at the Royal Albert Hall with my wife, brother and sister in law. 

Or the time my wife and I were in New York this February celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary – sitting in #TGIFridays just off time square when a voice called out ‘oh my god, Paul… How are you?’ And it was a friend I used to act with and hadn’t seen in the best part of 20 years (although been friends on Facebook for many) Sarah Cragen. 

Then visiting London with my wife and daughter and seeing another old friends (Andrew Feegrade) Mum and Dad having a picnic by the #LondonEye.. 

Well, today after having a great early birthday treat from my wife – we had #BellaItalia before watching #BatOutOfHell and walking round #OxfordStreet #CoventGarden and having #Frankie&Benny’s for dinner – we got the train back from #CharingCross. 

I commented to my wife how I was disappointed I hadn’t bumped into anyone…. Well. 

As we were at Gravesend a lady sitting over from us mentioned #Homeless people, and in particular the charity @onebigfamilyHTH who I’m involved with during the production @Homelesscomfor1 

It made me think my already wonderful day was now complete. 

So obviously I told the lady, and her friends about the play – any excuse for a bit of promo. 

But it truly is a #SmallWorld 

Performers at the fringe (launch party)

So Monday night was a big night in the Camden Fringe calendar. 

Off we headed to the London Irish Centre for the chance to promote ourselves and our shows, speaking to the organisers – Zena, Michelle and Debbie, along with member of the press who were there and fellow performers. 

If we chose to we had a minute to get up on stage and describe our show in the hope that we would get feedback or interaction from it. 

Very pleased to say Debbie (press guru) of the fringe was just like last year – bloody superb. 

She recognised me straight away (who’d forget a face like mine?) and during the course of the night introduced me to journalists and relevant participants. 

One such guy was @JoeWright100 who is performing the show #Astronaut about the Apollo House takeover in Ireland last December that enabled the rough sleepers of Dublin to get off the streets during the harsh weather. 

Extremely relevant in the case of @Homelesscomfor1 because I spoke about this issue on #IrishRadioInternational and indeed the deaths of 2 homeless men of the streets of Chatham, which inspired me to put such a topic on stage. 

I for one and looking forward to catching Joes production, as hopefully many of you will be with Homeless Comforts. 

Don’t forget tickets can be booked now via http://www.camdenfringe.com and http://www.etceteratheatre.com 

…getting closer now! 

Camden market fire

I was getting ready for bed when looking for a final time on Twitter I noticed the words #CamdenMarketFire not comprehending I glanced at more posts, seeing the pictures of what looks like #DingwallBuilding on the lock on fire. 

This was where the launch party for last years Camden Fringe was… 

And it now being the wee small hours of Monday 10th July tonight is the night of the launch party for this years Camden Fringe, which of course is where Homeless Comforts will be participating. 

Luckily this years event has a different venue, as it would obviously be cancelled if it was to be held at Camden lock again. 

Hoping the damage has been put under control by our marvellous fire services and that nobody is hurt.. But I do feel slightly numb and when I finally get to sleep, which I’m sure won’t be straight away, and wake in the morning I still won’t fully comprehend it. 

Such a great, vibrant part of London that I always enjoy visiting, and taking part in the diverse culture that it shares for a whole month is an extreme pleasure. 

I’m sure when I get up there I’ll have to pass by and see the damage that has been inflicted in the hope that nobody has been hurt. 

Love you Camden, and here’s to our emergency services, who once again although only doing their jobs, do such a fantastic one. They get all the plaudits when it comes to politicians etc talking about the work they do, the lives and livelihoods they save, but are denied another pay rise, yet again. 

The most undervalued and under appreciated workforce ever, but not by the people who matter – the real everyday people, we can’t thank you enough. 

Fringe launch party 

Important date in the diary tomorrow. Monday 10th July. 

It’s 4 weeks tomorrow that Homeless Comforts opens at the Etcetera Theatre, 7-9 August 8.30pm – and tomorrow marks the Launch party for the Camden Frimge. 

A chance to meet the many like minded people who are putting on shows to entertain, thrill, make us think and in some cases put a real smile on our faces. 

I got to know some great people during last years party and fringe… It’ll be great to catch up with some of them and make some new friends. 

Homeless Comforts, Etcetera theatre, Camden, 7-9 August 8.30pm £9

Tickets available http://www.camdenfringe.com http://www.etceteratheatre.com