3 hours to go

And that’s it for another years performance at the brilliant Camden Fringe. 

8.30pm tonight at the Etcetera Theatre, Martin and Alana’s stories come alive for the final time. 

Having received positive feedback from audiences and critics alike, it’s been a fantastic experience and can’t wait to show it to some more people tonight, and hopefully indeed in the future. 

A massive thank you must go to our Director, Al Carretta, who pulled this all together and helped create what it’s become today – ‘a compelling watch.’

And to Elizabeth Cachia, playing the role of Alana with such empathy, humanity and style, we’re forever grateful. 

Here’s to the final moments. 


Find some Shelter from the Camden rain, step inside the Etcetera (above the Oxford arms) and watch this tale of humanity unfold in front of you. 

Tickets available on the door, cash payments only. 


Two down…

…one to go!

Wednesday 9th August – Homeless Comforts closes at the Etcetera Theatre, 8.30pm. 

From the euphoria of receiving an opening night ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review 


To awaiting another review from Monday going online, we had a third reviewer in Tuesday. 

The excitement and anticipation of waiting to see what they made of it is up there with receiving feedback from the audiences. 

We do what we do, to entertain, to provoke thought. Make people leave after the experience, hopefully taking a little with them to think about, talk about and maybe look at how they react to things we see in everyday life, in this case the issue of homelessness. 

But we also want reviews. The chance to see what a critique likes, or what works, as much as what could make it better. 

When you receive such a well crafted review it only reinforces why we, and I in particular do this. 

It’s for the love of producing something different, unique, and to have that sense of pride in sharing it with everyone who was on the journey, who supported it and being thankful for having a creative spark. 

Here’s to closing night. 

8.30pm Wednesday 9th August, Etcetera Theatre (above the Oxford arms) Camden high street. 

Tickets available on the door or online: http://www.etceteratheatre.com/details.php?show_id=2549


The homeless man in our production, played by @PaulBridger73

..captured in this production still by our Director @alcarretta 

#HomelessComforts returns to the #EtceteraTheatre tonight 08/08/17 at 8.30pm. 

Tickets available from both the venue website 


And the Camden fringe site 


Or you can indeed pay on the door in cash.. 

@EtceteraTheatre – above the #OxfordArms 

Great pub, great venue.. Catch this great show before it completes its run on Wednesday 9th August 

Nothing beats the buzz..

Of opening night. 

The anticipation, the build up of all the process. From writing to finding the venue, casting, rehearsals and ultimately the performances. 

When you’re blessed to have wonderful people around you who not only share your dream and vision but can embellish upon it. Who can motivate, inspire and sit there helping you steer what you’re all driving in the same direction, there really is no better feeling. 

I’m thrilled and honoured not only to have the support of two great people, @alcarretta and @ElizabethCachia – who not only know what to achieve and the best way to do it, but who drive you on to better yourself along the way. 

If you haven’t managed to catch @Homelesscomfor1 #HomelessComforts you still have Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th to see it @EtceteraTheatre 8.30pm as part of the @CamdenFringe 

Can’t wait to tell #Martin and #Alanas stories again 

Cometh the hour..

It was back in January, the 1st be precise when the application to be part of this years Camden Fringe was submitted. 

Those nervous moments wondering what the venue applied to would think of your work before heading back from them. 

I was lucky my one and only choice was to return to the wonderfully atmospheric, intimate surrounding of the Etcetera Theatre, following our successful debut there last year with Captive Hearts. 

So by 20th January when I received the email offering a slot I was understandably happy. 

Within a few days of negotiating dates and times, it was confirmed – Monday August 7th – Wednesday August 9th at 8.30pm, Homeless Comforts would enter the theatrical world. 

That day is upon us… And cometh the hour 


Opening night..

Is almost upon us… 

Monday 7th August at 8.30pm to be precise. 

Homeless Comforts is a project like nothing I’ve ever done before or maybe even will get close to again. 

From when I first had the idea of highlighting the plight of the homeless men and women on our streets, I never once imagined how much I would learn, the wonderful people I would meet, who not only do such a superb job giving up their time to help the vulnerable of our society but have enriched me as a human being. 

We all witness homelessness, and to be fair most of us walk past without a thought for those in that position. 

Through observing, listening and offering kindness it’s amazing what can be achieved. 

I’m so grateful to Liz and Darren Shaw, who run #OneBigFamily-HelpingTheHomeless in Kent, London and Yorkshire, for all the knowledge they have given me, the support when I first spoke of getting involved and the humility I have found within myself. 

Homeless Comforts is as much a testament to them both and their wonderful volunteers as it is a piece of real life encapsulated for the stage – to provoke thought, feeling and empathy. 

We run 7th – 9th August, 8.30pm at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden

Tickets available http://www.etceteratheatre.com/details.php?show_id=2549

Rehearsal image by @alcarretta 

Hope to see you there! 


So earlier today I had the first leg of a crazy, eventful yet fun day – I had to travel to London to have an interview on @sohoradio with Nina Davis… 

It was a real blast. Had great fun being on the airwaves talking about Camden fringe both last year and this year. 

You can listen again here 


On after me was Meg and Harriet from the play Virago which opens the week after Homeless Comforts. 

Enjoy and imagine the craziness I had traveling to and fro. 

Gracing the airwaves 

Tomorrow morning as part of my day in homage to #ChallengeAnneka I shall be boarding the train to London and heading to the studios of @sohoradio at Great Windmill Street to take part in the show, http://www.whatsoffstage.co.uk

Tune in by clicking the above link and hear my 3 song choices while I talk all things @Homelesscomfor1 amongst whatever other craziness might come up. 

After the show wraps, I’ll be heading for the first train back to home to have a 4 hour rehearsal for aforementioned play, which incidentally opens on Monday August 7th at 8.30pm, at the lovely intimate theatre that is the Etcetera in bustling Camden. 

Hope you all tune in (or some at least) and I hopefully don’t make (too much of) a fool of myself. 

Ticket information can be found at http://www.etceteratheatre.com or http://www.camdenfringe.com 

Just search for #HomelessComforts and we’ll look forward to entertaining you next week. 

….if only I had Anneka’s chopper. 

6 days….

….and counting, until Homeless Comforts hits the stage. 

Gearing up for the last few days of rehearsals, the excitement, the nervousness… The nervous excitement. It all begins to kick in from this moment. 

The pride in having a new play, something to challenge an audience, to leave them thinking while watching and after on their way home has and always will be the force which drives me. 

The added bonus of such an intimate setting as the #EtceteraTheatre only works as an added bonus.

Anyone watching will almost feel like they are catch up on the action, going through Martin and Alana’s lives as they play out before them. 

Opening night, Monday 7th August, 8.30pm at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden – see ya there!!