Everyone who supported along the journey to Camden and Faversham – thank you very much. 

My family for being there… I just want to make you all proud. 

Elizabeth Cachia, who was absolutely superb in the role of #Alana wonderful to act opposite, someone who not only gives their all but helps to test yourself on the stage – you’re the best, thank you for all your time, effort and inspiration. 
Al Carretta, stepping into the fray when you did, giving the fantastic direction, creativity and feedback, it wouldn’t have been a fraction of the show it was without you. It’s great when someone knows what you’re capable of, they give you the boost when you need it and they believe in it all. 
Everyone involved at the Camden Fringe and Etcetera Theatre. Such a pleasure to be part of something so vibrant, and so pleased to be able to bring a follow up show which lived up to, if not bettered last year. 
The reviewers who gave their time and honest opinions, thank you so much. We appreciate the plaudits but we learn from the constructive comments. 

Ribs and Jude at the HopFestFringe, again great people who put so much effort into their festival, thank you for the change of plan, look forward to returning to you. 
The team at the Arden Theatre, Faversham. What a great little venue. Lovely people who like the inclusiveness that the HopFestFringe brings to them. 

Liz and Darren, and indeed all the team at OBFHTH – who helped so much during the development process.. Sometimes just by listening to me waffle on and hearing how things I was writing were actually happening (as horrible as some of these events were) I’m so grateful to have got to know you all and seen first hand the fantastic work you do. 
Until next time…. Whenever or wherever that may be.. 


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