Yesterday, although still today to me as I’m buzzing and can’t sleep, I took part in a charity football match with this great bunch of guys. 

Down at Maidstone Uniteds ground we played against an Arsenal charity team, made up of mainly 20 year old whipper snappers some ex pros and a few token old guys – Tommy Walsh and Terry Marsh notably, got a little spanked, but my word wasn’t it a great moment?

Guy Farmer and Chris Boxshall who organised it wanted to raise £10k for the charity #OneBigFamily and the #ArsenalFoundation. Well, before we even took to the pitch, these heroes pictured with me raised almost £9000 of that. 

An incredible achievement and something that we should not only be proud of, but honoured to take part in. 

Thank you everyone who sponsored all of us, your generosity will provide a lot of help and support for the Homeless Communities served by OBF in Kent, London and Yorkshire.. 

Here’s to the next game lads… 


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