…one to go!

Wednesday 9th August – Homeless Comforts closes at the Etcetera Theatre, 8.30pm. 

From the euphoria of receiving an opening night ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review 


To awaiting another review from Monday going online, we had a third reviewer in Tuesday. 

The excitement and anticipation of waiting to see what they made of it is up there with receiving feedback from the audiences. 

We do what we do, to entertain, to provoke thought. Make people leave after the experience, hopefully taking a little with them to think about, talk about and maybe look at how they react to things we see in everyday life, in this case the issue of homelessness. 

But we also want reviews. The chance to see what a critique likes, or what works, as much as what could make it better. 

When you receive such a well crafted review it only reinforces why we, and I in particular do this. 

It’s for the love of producing something different, unique, and to have that sense of pride in sharing it with everyone who was on the journey, who supported it and being thankful for having a creative spark. 

Here’s to closing night. 

8.30pm Wednesday 9th August, Etcetera Theatre (above the Oxford arms) Camden high street. 

Tickets available on the door or online: http://www.etceteratheatre.com/details.php?show_id=2549


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