Is almost upon us… 

Monday 7th August at 8.30pm to be precise. 

Homeless Comforts is a project like nothing I’ve ever done before or maybe even will get close to again. 

From when I first had the idea of highlighting the plight of the homeless men and women on our streets, I never once imagined how much I would learn, the wonderful people I would meet, who not only do such a superb job giving up their time to help the vulnerable of our society but have enriched me as a human being. 

We all witness homelessness, and to be fair most of us walk past without a thought for those in that position. 

Through observing, listening and offering kindness it’s amazing what can be achieved. 

I’m so grateful to Liz and Darren Shaw, who run #OneBigFamily-HelpingTheHomeless in Kent, London and Yorkshire, for all the knowledge they have given me, the support when I first spoke of getting involved and the humility I have found within myself. 

Homeless Comforts is as much a testament to them both and their wonderful volunteers as it is a piece of real life encapsulated for the stage – to provoke thought, feeling and empathy. 

We run 7th – 9th August, 8.30pm at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden

Tickets available

Rehearsal image by @alcarretta 

Hope to see you there! 


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