Tomorrow morning as part of my day in homage to #ChallengeAnneka I shall be boarding the train to London and heading to the studios of @sohoradio at Great Windmill Street to take part in the show,

Tune in by clicking the above link and hear my 3 song choices while I talk all things @Homelesscomfor1 amongst whatever other craziness might come up. 

After the show wraps, I’ll be heading for the first train back to home to have a 4 hour rehearsal for aforementioned play, which incidentally opens on Monday August 7th at 8.30pm, at the lovely intimate theatre that is the Etcetera in bustling Camden. 

Hope you all tune in (or some at least) and I hopefully don’t make (too much of) a fool of myself. 

Ticket information can be found at or 

Just search for #HomelessComforts and we’ll look forward to entertaining you next week. 

….if only I had Anneka’s chopper. 


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