Being only 11 or so days away from the opening of Homeless Comforts, I’ve been thinking. 

Obviously my main aim as a writer is to produce a piece of work that will not only entertain, but provoke thought and feeling for the situation and lives that homeless people go through on our nations streets.

But I want to do more than that. 

I want to help make a difference. I’ve no magic wand that can eradicate the rising numbers of rough sleepers, if I had access to one I’d have waved it many many years ago. 

But I want the public, my audiences to play their part too. 

That’s why I’m asking for them to help make a difference too. There’s a simple way they can do this. We all have items of clothing that probably gathers dust in our chest of drawers, wardrobes or lofts. 

Bring along anything, however insignificant it may seem… A pair of socks, the jumper that was a present from auntie Doreen at Christmas, a pair of trousers you want to get back into but for whatever reason will probably never see the light of day. 

Bag these items up, come and watch Homeless Comforts at the Etcetera Theatre, August 7-9 at 8.30pm – we’ll have a box or collection point for these items and after the performances so we can hand them out to the homeless of Camden and the surrounding areas. 

Failing that, have a rummage around and take any items to your local homeless charity… Unfortunately there’s a need for many of these wonderful people who volunteer their time and effort to make a difference. 

Let’s make the world care a little bit more again, and help to make a difference. 


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