This world we live in is remarkably small. 

I’m the kind of guy who always bumps into people I know, or they know someone I know etc…

I don’t just mean down the road when buying a loaf of bread in the local shop but in situations you couldn’t make up. 

Like when I bumped into #HairyVince @vincemaple when I was at a #FinnBrothers concert at the Royal Albert Hall with my wife, brother and sister in law. 

Or the time my wife and I were in New York this February celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary – sitting in #TGIFridays just off time square when a voice called out ‘oh my god, Paul… How are you?’ And it was a friend I used to act with and hadn’t seen in the best part of 20 years (although been friends on Facebook for many) Sarah Cragen. 

Then visiting London with my wife and daughter and seeing another old friends (Andrew Feegrade) Mum and Dad having a picnic by the #LondonEye.. 

Well, today after having a great early birthday treat from my wife – we had #BellaItalia before watching #BatOutOfHell and walking round #OxfordStreet #CoventGarden and having #Frankie&Benny’s for dinner – we got the train back from #CharingCross. 

I commented to my wife how I was disappointed I hadn’t bumped into anyone…. Well. 

As we were at Gravesend a lady sitting over from us mentioned #Homeless people, and in particular the charity @onebigfamilyHTH who I’m involved with during the production @Homelesscomfor1 

It made me think my already wonderful day was now complete. 

So obviously I told the lady, and her friends about the play – any excuse for a bit of promo. 

But it truly is a #SmallWorld 


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