So Monday night was a big night in the Camden Fringe calendar. 

Off we headed to the London Irish Centre for the chance to promote ourselves and our shows, speaking to the organisers – Zena, Michelle and Debbie, along with member of the press who were there and fellow performers. 

If we chose to we had a minute to get up on stage and describe our show in the hope that we would get feedback or interaction from it. 

Very pleased to say Debbie (press guru) of the fringe was just like last year – bloody superb. 

She recognised me straight away (who’d forget a face like mine?) and during the course of the night introduced me to journalists and relevant participants. 

One such guy was @JoeWright100 who is performing the show #Astronaut about the Apollo House takeover in Ireland last December that enabled the rough sleepers of Dublin to get off the streets during the harsh weather. 

Extremely relevant in the case of @Homelesscomfor1 because I spoke about this issue on #IrishRadioInternational and indeed the deaths of 2 homeless men of the streets of Chatham, which inspired me to put such a topic on stage. 

I for one and looking forward to catching Joes production, as hopefully many of you will be with Homeless Comforts. 

Don’t forget tickets can be booked now via and 

…getting closer now! 


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