I was getting ready for bed when looking for a final time on Twitter I noticed the words #CamdenMarketFire not comprehending I glanced at more posts, seeing the pictures of what looks like #DingwallBuilding on the lock on fire. 

This was where the launch party for last years Camden Fringe was… 

And it now being the wee small hours of Monday 10th July tonight is the night of the launch party for this years Camden Fringe, which of course is where Homeless Comforts will be participating. 

Luckily this years event has a different venue, as it would obviously be cancelled if it was to be held at Camden lock again. 

Hoping the damage has been put under control by our marvellous fire services and that nobody is hurt.. But I do feel slightly numb and when I finally get to sleep, which I’m sure won’t be straight away, and wake in the morning I still won’t fully comprehend it. 

Such a great, vibrant part of London that I always enjoy visiting, and taking part in the diverse culture that it shares for a whole month is an extreme pleasure. 

I’m sure when I get up there I’ll have to pass by and see the damage that has been inflicted in the hope that nobody has been hurt. 

Love you Camden, and here’s to our emergency services, who once again although only doing their jobs, do such a fantastic one. They get all the plaudits when it comes to politicians etc talking about the work they do, the lives and livelihoods they save, but are denied another pay rise, yet again. 

The most undervalued and under appreciated workforce ever, but not by the people who matter – the real everyday people, we can’t thank you enough. 


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