Saw this online earlier..

If there’s ever a time for a council or government to learn about the issue of homelessness, this isn’t the way to go about it. 

To make sleeping on the streets an offence and denying all the wonderful volunteers the ability to help is ridiculous. 

When soup kitchens are provided for homeless communities it’s not to encourage more to come along. Homelessness isn’t a lifestyle choice. 

These people in positions of power have no idea what people in the real world go through, let alone the rough sleepers of the country. 

Many of these homeless people have been forced out of overpriced accommodation as money is king – but we all know it’s the root of all evil. 

If councils can’t provide for the destitute of the world and organisations are doing so, but they want to stop it, this will only force more into petty crime… So our overstretched police forces will have even more unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy added to their already busy working lives. 

But as long as it makes the place look pretty that’s fine! 


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