Little bit of a departure on the blogging front today. 

Following the tragic events in London with the Tower block fire it’s been hard to watch, let alone be someone who has survived it, or God forbid lost family or friends in the blaze. 

Having a 5 year old daughter we try to protect her from the world, but sometimes it’s good to explain things as best we can so they understand the world they’re growing up in. 

Communities everywhere have been pulling together offering support, refuge, clothing…. Everything that is humanely possible to help a fellow human. 

At home we decided to gather bits that we could drop at a local centre that was then being taken up to London. 

My girl, Roxanne, put some toys, books, coats and shoes that could be of use. 

We dropped it yesterday evening and on the way back she showed me how much of a wonderful person she is growing into. 

She said to me: “daddy, I miss my cuddle toy, but I wanted to give it the children who have nothing to cuddle” 

She brought me to tears, and I’m even welling up again writing this. 

I’m so proud, because my girl, along with all the other children of today will be our leaders of tomorrow… 


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