While taking my daughter to a friends birthday party today I was watching them all running about playing, having fun, singing and dancing. 

Then whilst glancing around the room at the mums and dads talking, watching them play, I was so glad that I’m lucky enough to see all this and be a part of it. 

I couldn’t imagine how it feels being a parent that is away from their children, for whatever reasons that may be – separation, work or because of being homeless. 

To not have access to your child must be so hard. Especially when it’s down to your living arrangements. 

However life has transpired to put people in that situation, to not have a space you can call home where your children can have that interaction must be heartbreaking, for child and parent alike. 

There may be some parents who don’t want to see there kids, maybe they walked out on them, or hurt them or the other parent? But I’m sure the majority are perhaps embarrassed that they wouldn’t want their children to see them the way they are. 

We hear of stories where children have tracked down their homeless parents by the time they reach adulthood, some are denied it by perhaps losing the parent without knowledge. 

This is another reason why we need affordable housing. We need people off of our streets. It’s not safe enough living night after night, week after week, months or even years at a time. 

Homelessness isn’t invisible. They are real people, with real stories and need help. 


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