There’s a certain amount of excitement along with trepidation when it comes to putting a show together. 

From a writing point of view, when an idea enters the conscience and starts to grow that process makes the piece go in many different ways in whatever space of time it’s written. 

I’ve been fortunate that since the idea of Homeless Comforts came to me it flowed really easily – compare that with the 12 year journey with captive hearts, which found a fantastic home in Camden last year. 

Incidentally, captive hearts comes back to life this July in Rochester, so you could say I’ve got my work cut out, but it’s just an extra way to challenge myself. 

Back to homeless comforts, with the various research Involved, which included visiting soup kitchen, reading countless accounts of homeless men and women’s stories that made it into the mainstream media, which is where half the battle lies. 

So if I can help to raise the issue with a piece of hard hitting, thought provoking drama then that’s the least I can do. 

The hope is that the play will leave people thinking about how they can help, even in the slightest of ways which may seem insignificant – any amount of help, no matter the size is a step in the right direction. 

As the play takes shape through the rehearsal progress and the publicity side of it, I’m sure it’ll change and become even more important than I can hope. 

I look forward to audiences coming along and taking part in the helping process by donating items of clothing which the homeless community can benefit from – there’s always a shortage of socks.. That’s probably the biggest need of the homeless but we’d welcome any other donations such as hats, scarves, jumpers or coats – anything that has served its purpose for most of us, but would be most welcomed on the streets. 


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