While many of us enjoy a well earned long weekend, or just a day, we’ve all probably enjoyed the glorious weather. 

Walking around in shorts, tops, out in our gardens, on beaches etc make it a great time. 

Spare a thought for the homeless folk who face these glorious, if a little overwhelming hot days. 

In Chatham, like many other towns in this great nation of ours, groups of volunteers are out in force helping. 

One Big Family – helping the homeless, who I’ve spoken about previously do just the above. 

Liz and Darren have a wonderful team of helpers, from the hot food being dished out, the sandwich bags handed out, cups of tea and coffee, squash all the way through to the cars full of supplies, clothes, toiletries and even haircuts being given – it really is something to watch this community coming together to help out and appreciate all that goes into it. 

Dotted around seared on the grass, small clusters of men and women sit, enjoying the services offered, they chat and it’s really laid back. 

Some of the guys have their canine companions, others have come along on their old, but trusty bicycles. 

I couldn’t hazard a guess at how many were in attendance but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was approaching 50. 

You wonder how these vulnerable people of our society cope without this help…. I’m so glad that there’s plenty of people who want to help… But like I’ve said before, it shouldn’t be down to organisations to do the bulk of the work. 

Our councils, government and the like should be helping, after all, we’re all citizens of the world – it could easily be any of us in this situation. 

But I’m not here to preach, just to outline the great work OBF-HTH do, and to help raise awareness and understanding is what I am for. 

Think for a second about the homeless man, Steve who has been seen as a ‘hero’ after the Manchester bomb last Monday… People are seeing him for what he is – a man who wanted to help others. It’s great he’s being appreciated, if we as a society liked at more in the same light we’d see that we’re all human, we all need help from time to time, let’s not just help each other in times of trouble. 

Keep safe everyone, enjoy the sunshine (while we have it) and let’s show more love in the world. 


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