Back in April at the Pride in Medway 2017 Awards took place. 

It’s a chance for members of the community who do great things or kids who set a wonderful example to be honoured for their efforts. 

Whilst many help others, they don’t do it for the recognition, they do it to make a difference – and one such organisation @onebigfamilyHTH were the main winners of the evening. 

Liz and Darren Shaw are two of the most kind hearted, hard working people you would be privileged to meet. 

Working tirelessly to help the homeless community, not only in Chatham, but also Maidstone, Yorkshire and London. 

With their army of brilliant volunteers they not only clothe and feed the rough sleepers, but they listen to the many stories and fears that they do through daily.

Have a read. Follow @onebigfamilyHTH on Twitter. Find out about the little ways we can all help make a difference to the lives of these vulnerable members of our society. 


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