I had a wonderfully productive morning catching up with a friend putting the world to rights. 

It’s amazing how much we can learn about ourselves when we step back and ‘observe in the third person’.

My friend Seth promotes well being as a way of life. #PursuingHappiness and he listens and speaks from his own personal experiences so others can become the better individual he strives to be.

Follow his blog http://www.pursuinghappiness.co.uk or his Twitter @SethHoffman75.

He passed on a link to this powerful video https://youtu.be/VCFB4jSgTMw #WhatDoYouDesire? #AlanWatts and it definitely made me think about my life dreams and aspirations. 

This way of thinking can be applied to any person, whatever the situation, whatever the walk of life they’re on. 

He kindly offered to be there should any #HomelessCommunity need help finding a way out of their own personal despair. 

The world needs to find a way to be kind again. We’re all family, whatever our colour, race or religion. 



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