Mention the county of Kent what springs to mind?

  • The garden of England 
  • Canterbury cathedral – home to the leader of the Church of England 
  • Dover – the gateway to Europe 

Just a small section of what our county has and stands for. 

Unfortunately it has the stigma of 4 homeless deaths since June 2016, 3 of those in Medway alone, or more specifically Chatham. 

  1. 15th June 2016 – Samson Paine’s body found in his tent on Dock Road. 
  2. 25th December 2016 – Michael McCluskey found in the doorway of Poundland. 
  3. 29th December 2016 – Greg, found close to where Michael lost his life. 
  4. 7th May 2017 – 21 year old Razvan Sirbu found murdered in the Loose Valley, Maidstone. 

In the preceding 3 cases it’s true that drug misuse played a part in their deaths, but the two over Christmas were on the streets in freezing conditions. 

Then we come on to the murder of a homeless man

Teenagers charged. Two 18 year olds and one 19 year old charged with his murder. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, two other boys aged 14 and 15 have been bailed pending further enquires. 

Words honestly fail me. 


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