After seeing a post on social media in the last week or so I got thinking about the different painless ways we can help the homeless. 

Obvious ways are donations of clothing, food and our time. Money is best left being given to charity sectors but there’s an even simpler way we can benefit them – books. 

It’s always said the pen is mightier than the sword, and words have a way of getting into our souls, be that poetry, novels, comics… Even song lyrics. 

Next time you’re going through the house and looking for clothing to donate, see if you have a book that you don’t need, or haven’t read and would like to see enrich someone’s life, even for a short moment. 

We all seem to sell items on eBay, selling sites on Facebook etc…. Why not grab a book, find a homeless person and see if they’d like it. We may well be surprised. 


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