Having deadlines to meet can be good, but ultimately takes up every spare second, especially when it’s getting the finer details right on marketing something to the wider community – or more simply the Internet. 

Homeless Comforts, opens in Aigust at the Camden Fringe. I’m pleased to say that the deadline was met earlier than I’d imagined and the complete fringe program is released on June 1st – tickets will also be available from that day. 

It’s the exciting sign that you’re heading towards the ‘business end’ of things. When all plans lead into the rehearsal room. 

I’m really pleased to have the fantastic @ElizabethCachia on board. Not only is she someone I have acted with previously, but she is a superb actress with the attention to detail that only helps a writer/actor like myself. Through meetings along the way, her role of Alana, gives her the chance to display a whole range of emotions, taking the audience on a roller coaster ride! 

Homeless Comforts

August 7th, 8th & 9th. 8.30pm. Etcetera Theatre, Camden (above the Oxford arms pub)

Tickets £9 on sale from 1st June. http://www.camdenfringe.com http://www.etceteratheatre.com 


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