View in the teaser trailer for Homeless Comforts here:


On location

Tonight we were down in Chatham shooting a sequence for the film of Homeless Comforts. 

Very productive evening under the guidance and great eye of Al Carretta… 

Looking forward to sharing it with you all… 

Until then here’s a behind the scenes shot 

And in editing 

Great stuff Al Carretta and Elizabeth Cachia 

Outside the box

That’s the way to think when coming up with new ideas… Take a situation, think of the strangest twist it could ever have and work from that, tweaking until something seems unbelievably plausible 

They joys of writing 😀


Ideas can come along at the strangest of times… One minute the mind is focuses on a project and then out of the blue, inspired by a sentence, even a word, read or listened to can get the brain working another way. 

Sometimes the train of thought gets derailed along the way, but when an idea gains momentum and a head of steam is when you really want to get as much on the screen as you can. Even if it takes a million rewrites the next time you look at it, if it’s enough to get you started its worth pursuing. 

It’s nice to step out of the comfort box of writing ‘what you know’ to ‘learn as you go’ with new ideas. 

It’d be wrong to be trapped by the constraints of what you have knowledge of, so I embrace the idea of developing new ideas all the time. 

So many ideas, so little time in the world.. 

Many thanks..

Everyone who supported along the journey to Camden and Faversham – thank you very much. 

My family for being there… I just want to make you all proud. 

Elizabeth Cachia, who was absolutely superb in the role of #Alana wonderful to act opposite, someone who not only gives their all but helps to test yourself on the stage – you’re the best, thank you for all your time, effort and inspiration. 
Al Carretta, stepping into the fray when you did, giving the fantastic direction, creativity and feedback, it wouldn’t have been a fraction of the show it was without you. It’s great when someone knows what you’re capable of, they give you the boost when you need it and they believe in it all. 
Everyone involved at the Camden Fringe and Etcetera Theatre. Such a pleasure to be part of something so vibrant, and so pleased to be able to bring a follow up show which lived up to, if not bettered last year. 
The reviewers who gave their time and honest opinions, thank you so much. We appreciate the plaudits but we learn from the constructive comments. 

Ribs and Jude at the HopFestFringe, again great people who put so much effort into their festival, thank you for the change of plan, look forward to returning to you. 
The team at the Arden Theatre, Faversham. What a great little venue. Lovely people who like the inclusiveness that the HopFestFringe brings to them. 

Liz and Darren, and indeed all the team at OBFHTH – who helped so much during the development process.. Sometimes just by listening to me waffle on and hearing how things I was writing were actually happening (as horrible as some of these events were) I’m so grateful to have got to know you all and seen first hand the fantastic work you do. 
Until next time…. Whenever or wherever that may be.. 

Market day in Faversham 

Having a morning distributing leaflets in Faversham today for Friday’s performance of #HomelessComforts. 

Lovely little market out, all the stalls and the hustle and bustle of the locals enjoying a Sunny day. 

Also great to meet Ribs and Jude who put the @HopFestFringe together. 

Homeless Comforts is looking forward to being part of it Friday 1st September, 9pm at the #ArdenTheatre. 

Tickets extremely reasonably priced, at just £6 it leaves enough in your pocket to buy a meal before the show and a few drinks after 😀

Busy day

Had a fantastic day with my daughter today… Took her to #Wildwood near Herne Bay looking at the woodland animals and creatures, before heading to Canterbury. 

While there we took the advantage of handing out flyers to a few shops and they were all extremely helpful. 

After an hour or so we headed to #Faversham, home to the @HopFestFringe with our remaining ones, and found a few more places that were more than happy to help. 

Heading back there Saturday to hand out flyers to the public… Luckily enough I have a fantastic little helper 😀😀😀

As Roxanne said ‘Great teamwork’ 

Empty properties

Everywhere I look, I’m reading about properties up and down the country, standing empty. Dormant. Gathering dust. Lining people’s property portfolios..

Whichever way you look at it there are more properties without tenants than there are sleeping rough on our streets. 

In this year, 2017… Not 1817!! 

We shouldn’t be living in a world like this.. 

Homelessness can be stopped, but will it ever? 



Yesterday, although still today to me as I’m buzzing and can’t sleep, I took part in a charity football match with this great bunch of guys. 

Down at Maidstone Uniteds ground we played against an Arsenal charity team, made up of mainly 20 year old whipper snappers some ex pros and a few token old guys – Tommy Walsh and Terry Marsh notably, got a little spanked, but my word wasn’t it a great moment?

Guy Farmer and Chris Boxshall who organised it wanted to raise £10k for the charity #OneBigFamily and the #ArsenalFoundation. Well, before we even took to the pitch, these heroes pictured with me raised almost £9000 of that. 

An incredible achievement and something that we should not only be proud of, but honoured to take part in. 

Thank you everyone who sponsored all of us, your generosity will provide a lot of help and support for the Homeless Communities served by OBF in Kent, London and Yorkshire.. 

Here’s to the next game lads… 


When you take a show anywhere of note the ultimate aims (for me) are the following. 


getting bums on seats. Nothing has to be a sell out. Nothing can be a sell out, really, if we’re being completely honest. But to me it’s not primarily about the money, it’s about people seeing what you’re bringing to life. To get the interaction of a laugh, a gasp, a moment in time where they are completely with you and belief is absolutely suspended… Having them climb aboard for the ride. Hearing them talk about it afterwards… In the hope that they’ve taken something from the performance where they might be thinking. 


reviews. We all want our show to be seen by an educated eye. Someone who will come in with an objective view in the hope they will see positives but also the negatives, but put them across on such a constructive way that it can but only help any future developments not only with the current production, but any work that shall follow. 


reputations. The aim is to create the opportunity of having your work out there, people becoming aware of it. The success of a show doesn’t lie in the financial outcome, the proof of it is in the pudding. So when you go somewhere with a reputation for producing consistently great, new, innovative theatre, you want to be able to come away from it saying you played a part in not only keeping the reputation alive, but perhaps even help it grow. 

Of course the reputation you want to build as an individual is a fantastic motivator. There’ll always be detractors – someone who doesn’t believe or support you. Surround yourself with those that do, those with a common aim, and with the determination it will thrive. 

Having been to 2 consecutive Camden Fringes, receiving opening night 5 star reviews for both shows, and another 2 brilliant reviews during the run, you’re on the way to cementing something. You’re getting the chance to be welcomed back in the future with any potential work you may have. 


5 shows. 3 reviews. Opening night ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review. One of the men it was about, JOHN McCARTHY in attendance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and a ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 review. 


3 shows. 3 reviews. Opening night ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review. Members of the charity you’ve been involved with coming along to watch, ONE BIG FAMILY – helping the homeless.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review and a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ review. 

When they mention your research, that the play is ‘grounded in reality’ ‘performances of @PaulBridger73 and @ElizabethCachia are excellent, intelligent, provocative and inspiring’ ‘sympathetic direction, dynamically crafted by @alcarretta ‘ you know you’re heading the right direction. 

HOMELESS COMFORTS – Reviews here:★★★★☆/

CAPTIVE HEARTS – Reviews here:

Here’s to Camden Fringe 2018!